What can I put in the bin?

All Materials are accept except : 

- no hazardous materials

-house hold kitchen & food waste

-paint cans 


Can someone load the bin for me?

We provide the service of loading the bin. You show us what you want to get rid of and 2 workers provided to clear what ever it is you want gone.

How is my driveway protected?

We places planks of wood under the wheels to protect your driveway. Our customers happiness is our number one priority!

What payment types do you offer?

We take Credit card, debt, e transfer, cheque or cash. 

Customer Testimonials

Tip Top Roofing uses WB Dumping due to the fact there always on time and have the bin out of the customers driveway within 24 hours of letting them know its full.  

Paddy O - Tip Top Roofing 

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